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Is there hope for Chronic Pain? Pain relief, improved circulation and increased mobility are possible

How many of us have been injured at one point or another? For some, it may even be a recurring theme owing to regular sports activities or different facets of one’s job (e.g. prolonged periods in front of the computer). Some injuries are more persistent than others, contributing to recurring pain that could prevent us from enjoying our regular activities.


All these can lead to frustration and desperation—the usual solutions don’t always work and you may not be getting the answers you were hoping for from Western medicine. Have you considered taking the holistic approach to chronic pain? It might just be the right alternative for you. Read on about our custom treatment programs and how we help our clients resume their regular lifestyles.

A different way of looking at pain

There are many ways to address pain symptoms. In Chinese medicine, a pain-free body has free-flowing qi (vital energy) and blood. Hindrance or obstruction of this flow deprives the areas of the body of nourishment and warmth. At Limina Wellness, our treatment programs aim to address these blockages, and restore balance and good circulation to the affected area in order to reduce and alleviate pain.

We offer comprehensive 5-week treatment programs for chronic pain that are customized to each individual’s case and condition. Each program begins with a thorough Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) consultation and includes four (4) one-hour visits for different treatment modalities, such as:
    •    Acupuncture
    •    Registered Massage Therapy (RMT)
    •    Cupping Therapy
    •    Moxa Treatments
    •    Advanced Injections Therapy

Benefits of using Eastern medicine and holistic approach to dealing with chronic pain:


    •    Individualized, non-toxic treatment with minimal side effects.
    •    Getting to the root cause of the symptoms instead of masking them. You get a deeper understanding of what your body needs and find long-term solutions to problems.
    •    The ability to resume to your regular and your favourite/regular activities