5-Simple Reminder to have yourself a great 2018!!


I hope you are having a great Summer 2018!

While you are enjoying the long days in the hot sun, the summer heat is also affecting your body. As our body becomes over heated, it is not only damaging to our skin but it will also off set our internal balance. For instance, signs of dehydration such as thirst, irritation, difficulty to fall asleep, lack of appetite, dizziness, lack of energy, stiff neck/muscle and constipation etc...are flashing lights that your body is off-balance.

So how do we restore our balance?
1. Choice of food: Choose food that are easy to digest. Avoid deep fried food or pungent/salty foods.

2. Lots of fluid: Drink lots of water or fresh fruit/ vegetable juice.
Avoid too much alcohol consumption. 

3. Rest & Exercise: Long day, short nights are hard to get enough rest. Get short naps during the day may help. Even 10min with your eyes closed will help to restore your energy. Moderate amount of exercise is good. try not to over work your body. Yoga, breathing exercise is great to calm your mind and your heart.

4. Skincare: Stay away from direct sun exposure. Hat, shades and sunblocks are a must have this Summer. Find a cleanser that is not too harsh on your face but can remove your sunblock well. Choose a moisturizer that is hydrating (water) as well as creamy (oil) according to your skin type and condition. Sun exposure will decrease the water content in your skin. Choosing a product that is hydrating is like giving your skin a big drink of water. The oil content in the skin care product is to seal in the moisture. Ask one of our skin care expert if you want to choose the right product for you this Summer!

5. Aches/pain/conditions: When your body is over exposed to one condition over time, such as heat, cold, dampness or over work, it will off set your body's natural balance and blockages will form. Aches and pain, or illness are the results of these blockages. Acupuncture is a safe and efficient way to restore your free flow of energy and relief the aches/pain and other presented symptoms.

*Give us a call if you are experiencing these discomfort and take preventative actions!

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