Are Your Vitamin Supplements Working For You?

I've done the research, but why aren't my diet and supplements helping me lose weight or feel healthier?

One aspect that most health-conscious people often overlook nowadays is the body's absorption of nutrients. People focus heavily on what they eat and what is written on good labels, but often neglect the importance of their own bodily functions. This goes for taking vitamins and supplements as well. The hard truth is, it doesn't matter how expensive one's food or supplement is, either of them have to be well-balanced and absorbed properly by the body in order to make a difference. Transforming food into nutrients is the key to health. If you invest your money on high-grade organic food, but your body is too weak or unable to absorb the nutrients from your food intake, you are only putting money down the drain.

Are you supplements working for you?

Should I take vitamin supplements?

You might notice that the "flu season" never really ends. There's always someone next to you who's sick or have allergies. Your immune system can easily be compromised if you don't pay attention. Many people turn to supplements to improve their health and complement their busy lifestyle, whether they are trying to stay fit by working out regularly, a mentally exhausted IT professional looking to get more energy, or an athlete in training but don't eat like one. However convenient it is—and most people will very much benefit from it—it's important to remember that not everyone will experience changes, especially the initial honeymoon stage described below, the same way.  For example, for those who have arthritis, they could experience a temporary increase in aches and pain; or those who have endometriosis or painful menstruation, they may experience lower abdominal cramps; and many others could possibly feel a combination of other changes. All of these are part of the normal healing process. In order to have the best results, you need to know what to expect and have a clear understanding of the changes that happens in your body when it receives and absorbs micro-nutrients.

4 Stages of Health Transformation

First Stage - The Honeymoon Stage

This occurs when you first take the supplements. The abundance of nutrients nourish your deficient body, your metabolism will increase and you will feel energized. You may also notice that your skin will be glowing. For others, they might experience having too much energy, feel wide awake and not sleepy at all.

Second Stage - Detox Stage

As your body continues to get used to receiving and absorbing nutrients, the supplements begin to work on a cellular level, which means your cells are energized and are able to perform their normal, healthy functions. The toxins and acidic deposits that had been collected in your cells are now being eliminated. Your body is now gradually going back to an alkaline-based state, with a pH level of 7.35-7.45.

During this period, you will notice an increase in the frequency of your bowel movement. Your urine colour will get darker. For some people they may experience skin itchiness, coughing with phlegm, internal heat, slight sore throat, irregular menstrual period (for females), and a host of other symptoms. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), in order for the body to start healing, the toxins have to be flushed out before optimal health can be sustained.

Third Stage - Soothing Qi and Blood Circulation Stage

As your body begins to heal and recover, the areas that used to be blocked and lacking in blood flow now receive a continuous flow of nourishment. You may notice tenderness and body aches, and pain killers won't seem to help when you take them. This may last for up to a few days and may vary from person to person. In TCM, blockages create pain. Once the qi and blood circulation flow properly, you should not experience any more pain and the previously affected areas will be healed.

Fourth Stage - Cell Renewal Stage

When your cellular functions go back to normal, your body—using all the nutrients and oxygen available to it—can move on to repairing and renewing old, aging cells. You may feel tired and even crave sleep. This is a sign that your body is repairing itself. After this stage, your energy level will go back to normal.

Not all supplements are created equal.

This is not a detox or weight loss program that forces the body to flush and/or purge to get results, which you may have experienced. The intention of this transformation program is to increase cellular metabolism by introducing a healthy amount of micro-nutrients at the cellular level, and replacing and cleaning out the toxins that had been residing in your cells. It is, therefore, recommended to have someone experienced and knowledgable walk you through the various stages and be able to provide answers to questions you may have along the way.

Understanding how the body works in conjunction with all the nutrients you take, either in the form of food or supplements, gets you one step closer to better health.

Susan Lee

Susan Lee is a Diagnostic Intuitive Wellness Coach using an integrative approach. She is also the director of Limina Wellness & a registered acupuncturist.